Are there any additional costs or charges that clients should be aware of?
Apart from the stated service fees, any additional costs, such as government fees or charges for special services, will be clearly communicated during the consultation.
Can LWS Migration Services assist clients from outside Australia?
Yes, we offer services to clients globally. We can communicate effectively and manage your application no matter where you are based. We can be contacted by Whatsapp or WeChat (Link here). We use an online portal to collect your information securely.
How do you engage with LWS Migration Advisory for a service?
There are usually a few steps in the visa application process. We initially begin with an initial consultation that includes an assessment of your situation. LWS Migration will assess the information you have provided and advise you on how to proceed further. A service agreement will need to be entered into for the initiation of the visa process. You will engage LWS as your agent until a visa decision is made or the agreement is terminated by either party.
How does LWS conduct consultations?
LWS conducts consultations by Microsoft teams, phone call or face to face in the office. We can head out to your office location if you are an employer at a registered business location. The consultation typically lasts for 45 minutes. We can do phone call or teams meetings outside of working hours.
How does the consultation process work at LWS?
Our consultation process begins with understanding your specific needs and goals. We offer an initial assessment to determine your eligibility and outline the best course of action. We typically charge a consultation fee of $220.00AUD including GST that will be credited to your service, if you choose to proceed with the service. We need to charge this due to the high number of enquires we receive.
How long does it typically take to receive a response after the initial assessment?
Following the initial assessment, clients can expect a response within 48 hours outlining the next steps in the consultation process. This usually includes an invoice for bank transfer and booking a time for the consultation with the registered migration agent.
What are our preferred payment method?
We prefer direct bank transfer. We will provide you an invoice outlining the service fee before any payment to us. For our clients, we hold your funds in a client account in accordance with MARA requirements until an agreed block of work is completed.
What are the fees for LWS Migration Services?
Our fees are often lump sum in AUD including GST (onshore clients). We provide a clear breakdown of costs during your initial consultation, ensuring there are no surprises along the way. Should you engage LWS on an hourly basis, there is a $550.00AUD including GST opening file fee. We usually offer the service in blocks of installment for agreement parcels of work. We are prepared to work with you and the installment amounts vary according to your situation.
What happens after the consultation?
Following your consultation: If you are eligible for a visa you will receive a detailed fee proposal and a description of the visa service(s) we can offer to assist you. This proposal outlines the costs and scope of the service. It allows you to review and understand the full extent of our services and fees before making a decision to engage with us. Once you accept the proposal, we will proceed with the necessary steps for your visa application (or other services engaged). If you are not eligible for a visa immediately we may tell you the potential options in the future that you may be eligible for. Your consultation fee is valid for up to 12 months and if you decide to engage us within this time period, we will credit this to the service. We aim to respond within 3 business days or otherwise agreed if your case is complex.
What happens if you do not disclose information that may impact your visa during the consultation and service.
We will notify you of a variation to the service agreement. In extreme cases, we will terminate the agreement if there is a lack of information provided, suspected forged documentation, deliberately misleading LWS and immigration with information.
What is the initial assessment process?
We encourage our potential client to head to our online portal to fill in an ÔÇ£online assessment formÔÇØ. After you have done this, feel free to contact Edith for a consultation. We kindly request that you fill this form in (link) completely so that the consultation isnÔÇÖt about asking you for information. Your information is stored securely in an online portal and will not be shared with anyone as per our privacy policy. If you do not feel comfortable with sharing your information, it is very unlikely we are able to assist you.
What languages does the LWS team speak?
Our team is proficient in English, Mandarin and Cantonese. When reaching out, just let us know what language you would prefer.
What types of other services does LWS provide?
We do not provide any other services directly. However, we are constantly approached by local companies who may assist you. This includes accountants, real estate companies, business opportunities, investments and other services. If you are interested, feel free to reach out with a short description and we will endeavour to assist you.
What types of visa services does LWS provide?
Our expertise covers a wide range of visas including skilled, family, student, business and employer-sponsored visas. We also provide assistance with visa appeals, citizenship applications or on an hourly migration service (For emergency situations/rapid response). We assist our clients in obtaining overseas student health covers, enrolment in schools, police clearances, skills assessments, instructions on completing medical examinations, translations (with additional fees) and liaison with immigration.