Edith Leung
Australian Registered Migration Agent
MARA 1171426

LWS Migration Advisory 利維思澳洲移民及物業顧問成立於2013年,創辦人兼移民顧問Edith Leung為Migration Alliance會員,早於2011年在澳洲註冊成為持牌移民代理,具備辦理澳洲移民申請的專業資格 (MARN:1171426)。公司一直致力為香港、澳門、國內及海外人士提供一站式澳洲移民及房地產顧問服務,成立以來成功為無數申請人取得澳洲居留權。我們協助客戶辦理澳洲移民已擁有超過10年經驗,客戶來自世界各地,成功個案數以千計。

LWS Migration Advisory was established in 2013 to assist people from all backgrounds find a pathway in settling to Australia. Visa application process can be difficult when the migration policy are constantly changing. With lengthy processing time and high visa application charge, obtaining the right information can save a lot of time and money. Founded by Edith Leung, a migrant herself, she understands this and has helped hundreds of clients find suitable pathways to Australia.